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One of the best houses advertised on Architerra's blog. It was sold three years ago.

I would like to thank the readers who have faithfully re-visited my blog on for the past four years.  In the same number of years, home search on the Net has outstripped home buyers’ and sellers’ traditional habit of looking thru the national dailies to buy or sell a house or lot.

As we have benefited from the reach of the Net, it has been my pleasure to bring buyers around the globe a glimpse of Manila’s fine homes from wherever they are, and ultimately handing over to them the keys of their dream house or condo.

If one does armchair surfing to find a home worth millions of pesos and memories, is there a way to make it more pleasant–say, like shopping in a chic boutique?  Though we salute the online classified ad sites for bringing thousands of home choices in one place, why not do online catalog house shopping in just the areas you want, presented by a specialist who understands your needs and the territories you’re looking thru?

As part of our commitment to provide focused, online channels for Manila home search, I’ve created other sites for you.   Please visit my new blogs:

Your Condo In Manila (  For Manila condos and townhouses for sale  or for rent

My Elegant House (  A listing site for your dream house and lot in select communities in Manila

Residences Manila (  A guide for those who wish to buy, sell or renovate their Manila homes

Look thru these to find your new home or condo, find advice or share some on home buying or selling, or list with us for free .

My Elegant, Your Condo In and Residences are new web developments gathered under the banner of our new company, La Maisonette Manila, Inc., which brings you virtually everything about home.  The sites are in beta phase.   With your feedback, help us to make these home search and advisory sites work for you.

I thank a new-old client of mine who found me and my listing online (what’s new?!?) the other day. He turned out to be the head of one of the most valued clients of my former electronics company. For 10 years I’ve never personally encountered him, only his machines which we supplied with our company’s power systems. And now it felt like a reunion of sorts. In the middle of exchanging notes with him on my equally beloved IT industry, he said that he’s seen homes in Ayala Alabang that are beautiful, well made and impressive, and shown him some which he liked.

Then he gave me insight on what he wanted in a home:

To qualify for his purchase, one of these homes had to satisfy only two criteria.

He must find it liveable. That’s satisfied by what he knows and sees in the basic structure and make of the house.

But he must imagine and feel at that moment of viewing that it will be loveable. That’s the X-factor. It comes with being at the site and personally experiencing the house’s atmosphere. But virtuality can extend the imagination.  We hope that we can bring you a byte of that experience, wherever you are.

Once satisfied, price becomes less of an objection, he said.

I thank that client of mine for giving me renewed insight into this online property search business.  In our drive to bring your virtually everything about home, we hope that we succeed in bringing you that warm, “AHA” moment where our online site transports you to imagine it’s you living in that house or condo.

So again, thank you, Mr. Customer.  Thru your inspiration, I renew my commitment to bring you from anywhere in the globe the  liveable house in your choice Manila community; and once done, to help you transform it into a home that you will truly love and grow in. For that, let us continue to let the Net work for us to stay properly informed and warmly connected.

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