Welcome to Architerra, your Philippine Real Estate and Investment Blog

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Architerra is my blog of listings on prime real estate properties. I'm a Philippine real estate broker with a techie bent.  A true-blue knowledge worker with a love for the Philippines' 7,107 islands, beautiful homes,  great investments, and limitless possibilities of space and function coming together in one perfect property. 

This is for my generation of globe-trotting Pinoys who, after seeing the entire world, know that home is where your heart is, and where you are treated always as a first-class citizen regardless of race, creed or color. That's in your home country.  Make sure you still have a stake in your mother land. This blog gives you different slices and flavours of where home can be in the Philippines. 

This blog is also for the foreigners who need to see a different side of the Philippines: one which is an investor's haven, where the right condominium, house, or locator site can make living and working in the Philippines a fulfilling experience. Welcome to you all. 

We'll give you our take on the best uses and fair market value of the properties that we showcase here. To balance our opinion, we'll provide research-based reports on Philippine property trends from credible and reliable sources. We do the local classifieds for property values, as well as dig up the files of titles in the Registry of Deeds. 

We work through virtual and real communities of practice (CoP) of brokers, buyers and businessmen.  Our man-on-the-street interviews can give you a close-up on what's happening in the area too.  All these sources aim to give you a 360 degree portrayal of what is a property's investment value. If this melange of information can lead you to pick-up the phone or e-mail us to see a shortlist of perfect property choices, then this blog has done its job. 

We housed this blog in WordPress, which has a great search and indexing feature. Check out Architerra's different functions. Click on the categories of your interest. Use the search tab. Leave a comment for us. And please, do interact with us broker-writers. We'd love to hear from you.